Practice Areas

Criminal Defense


Criminal charges can change a life forever. If you have been charged with a crime, contact our attorneys for comprehensive legal counsel and representation when it counts. We know what it takes to achieve the best possible outcome for clients accused of a multitude of crimes.

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Family Law


Whether you are facing a divorce or going through a difficult custody battle, our attorneys can help you reach a settlement that benefits both you and your loved ones. We seek just and equitable results while attempting to preserve the integrity and sanctity of the family.

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Estate Planning


Estate planning is an essential step in securing the future of your property and assets. To ensure that you draft a plan that both meets your specifications and protects you from unnecessary taxation, it is important to work with a legal professional who understands the ins and outs of estate planning. Experienced and efficient, our firm is retained by families and professionals to develop estate planning and business succession strategies.

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Elder Law


Aging brings many challenges that can seem overwhelming to seniors and their family. From senior retirement planning to Medicaid assistance, our elder law attorneys offer comprehensive legal services to help you get the most out of your golden years.

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License Restoration


DUI? Points on your license? Working with an attorney can help reduce your sentence and reach a beneficial settlement. Our legal team has years of experience working with drivers across the greater Battle Creek, MI area. Let us help you with your license registration needs.

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Abuse and Neglect


Finding yourself involved with Child Protective Services can be a very emotional time.  Let our experienced attorneys guide you through the process and protect your parental rights.

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Criminal Defense

We pursue the best possible outcome for each case

Terrifying.  Stressful.  Life changing.  Criminal charges can be one of the worst experiences in a person’s life. You need experienced Criminal Defense attorneys that you can trust to guide you through the justice system and ensure that your rights are protected at every step. 

We are skilled negotiators who can effectively plea-bargain on your behalf, if that is in your best interests. We provide critical legal guidance and assistance to individuals charged with misdemeanor, felony or drunk driving charges. The long-term impact of arrest and conviction can never be underestimated. We meticulously investigate each case, provide solid options, and pursue the best outcome possible for each circumstance.

We will keep you informed and involved at every stage of your case and will work tirelessly to reach the best possible outcome for your situation.  Our experience in area courts and our relationships with local court staff will benefit you at every stage.

We offer strategic and thorough criminal representation in practice areas including:

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes:
    • Assault and Battery
    • Domestic Violence
    • Drug Crimes
    • Operating While Intoxicated
    • Murder
    • Criminal Sexual Conduct
    • Embezzlement
    • Stalking
    • Fraud
  • Pre-Indictment/Arrest Representation:
    • Police Investigations
    • Polygraphs
  • Jury and Non-Jury Trials
  • Negotiations resulting in Dismissal, Plea and Sentence Disposition
  • Expungement



Preserving there integrity and sanctity of the family

Experiencing a divorce is one of the most difficult and traumatic events a person will endure in their lifetime.  Our goal is to seek fair results while also working to preserve the integrity and sanctity of your family, both during the process, and in the future.  The Attorneys of Podolsky and Wickham, PLLC, have the compassion, experience, and commitment to see you through your Family Law matter while maintaining the utmost discretion to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Our services are like none other in the area as we are able to offer a team approach to any issue that may arise in a marital dissolution.  Our personal service will ease the stress, anxiety and sense of loss you will experience during the legal aspect to your case.  We have handled hundreds of divorces and custody matters and will guide you every step of the way.

In addition to Divorce, our Family Law Attorneys represent clients in all aspects of Family Law, including:

  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Time
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Grandparent Rights and Visitation
  • Separate Maintenance
  • Property Division
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Paternity
  • Post-Judgment matters
  • Adoption
  • Abuse and Neglect



Developing estate planning and business succession strategies

Estate Planning and Probate are intertwined legal matters that can be complicated.  They don’t have to be.  The right Estate Plan can avoid the Probate Court altogether.  Estate Planning is also more than just assets and inheritances.  Estate Planning is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have made decisions for yourself, your family, and your loved ones on your terms.  

Estate Planning discussions with your Attorney at Podolsky and Wickham PLLC, will address your needs, plan for your own personal and health care if you are no longer able to do so, position your assets for easy transfer upon your death, protect your minor children by designating guardians, minimize transfer or estate taxes, and avoid the time and expense of the Probate Court.  In the event plans were not made prior to death, we can also assist you with the Probate process.  Our Attorneys work in our Probate Court on a regular basis and will guide you through this system in a caring and compassionate manner.

Podolsky and Wickham, PLLC, is skilled at helping a diverse range of clients, from young families with small children to senior citizens who are enjoying retirement.  We are extremely sensitive to the needs of our LGBTQ community and have helped many same-sex couples with a variety of Estate Planning and Family Law issues.  We help clients with very small estates and those whose assets are valued in the millions of dollars. We provide simple Wills and Powers of Attorney, complex Living Trusts and tax minimization plans, and sophisticated Business Succession plans.

Tax laws affecting Estate Planning change often.  We regularly monitor legislative activity and attend annual Continuing Legal Education classes and seminars to maintain our expertise.

Our comprehensive Estate Planning and Probate services for individuals and families include:

  • Establishing Living Trusts (to avoid the Probate Court)
  • Creating succession plans for transferring family businesses
  • Minimizing, deferring or eliminating death and gift taxes
  • Designating Guardians and creating Custodianships to protect minor children
  • Representing clients in all matters involving Probate Court including:
    • Administering decedents’ estates
    • Handling probate disputes such as Will contests and claims against Estates
    • Representing clients in Guardianship and Conservatorship matters
  • Establishing Discretionary Trusts to preserve governmental benefits for the elderly or disabled
  • Planning for disability by:
    • Creating Durable Powers of Attorney and Living Trusts, designed to avoid the Probate Court
    • Creating Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care to address medical treatment concerns
    • Preserving benefits through careful Medicaid planning



Aging can be overwhelming, and so we're here to help

Aging brings many challenges that can seem overwhelming to seniors and their family.  Some of these challenges include: the death of a spouse; diminished ability to handle personal and financial affairs; declining health; hospital or nursing home admissions; and elder abuse.  These challenges often require the expertise of an attorney who understands the constantly changing laws and regulations that pertain to estate planning, tax issues, Medicaid planning and long-term care planning. The Elder Law attorneys at Podolsky and Wickham, PLLC, are experienced and dedicated to families facing such challenges.  We will counsel, educate and advocate for our seniors and their families to make this stage of life easier for all involved.

Elder Law Includes:

  • Estate Planning
    • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney
    • Income, Estate and Gift Tax advice
  • Patient Advocate Designations
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Fiduciary Representation
    • Guardianships
    • Conservatorships
    • Trustees
    • Personal Representatives
  • Long-term Care Planning
    • Medicaid Planning
    • Long-term Care Insurance
    • Disability Planning
  • Advice and Representation in other age-related Issues
    • Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits
    • Insurance, including Life, Health, Disability and Burial/Funeral Policies
    • Residents’ Rights in matters of Admissions, Transfers, Discharge Policies and Quality of Care.
    • Employment and Retirement Advice including Pension and Retiree Health Benefits
    • Litigation including Will Contest, Contested Capacity Issues and Elder Abuse



DUI? Points on your license? We can help!

When your drivers license has been revoked due to an OWI conviction you must wait one to five years for reinstatement. The process is complicated and often met with unfavorable rulings.  Podolsky and Wickham, PLLC, have guided many clients through the process, from preparing for the initial Administrative Review or License Appeal Hearing to the Circuit Court Appeal after an unfavorable hearing result. We take the time to understand your case and your issues, and then work hard to represent you at every step of the process.

Our Attorneys will assist you with:

  • Initial Applications for your Administrative Review or License Appeal Hearing
  • Appeals to the Circuit Court
  • Hardship Appeals

OWI (Drunk and Drugged Driving) Defense and License Restoration

Facing a criminal charge for drinking and driving can be overwhelming. For many people, it is their first encounter with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Having an experienced and trusted attorney at your side is critical to guide you through this process at each step. Sometimes license restoration is required, we can handle that too!

Recent laws enacted by the Michigan Legislature state that anyone arrested for a third offense drunk driving will be charged with a Felony – regardless of the amount of time that has passed between prior offenses.  With so much at stake, it is essential to have competent representation at your side.

Call our office today to schedule a consultation. We understand your rights and fight to protect them



Protecting your parental rights

Child abuse cases can be very difficult, which is why you need the legal assistance of a lawyer to guide you and your child through the process.  Children’s Protective Services (CPS) may become involved in your case if you have been accused of child neglect or child abuse here in Michigan.  Apart from any criminal charges you may face, Child Protective Proceedings are a separate matter and in some circumstances, CPS could request to terminate your parental rights.  

Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate and understand the court system, dealing with the caseworker, prosecutor and the guardian ad litem.  We are dedicated to helping you make every effort to reunite you with your children.

As soon as you believe you might be investigated for child abuse or neglecting a child, contact Podolsky and Wickham, PLLC.